Weekly Harvest 29th Sept 22

29th September 2022

Picking as many tomatoes as we can before the days get too short and cold. I think I’ll leave it until the end of the month (so not long) and then pick the remaining to either ripen indoors or to just have as green tomatoes. I did pick our first green tomato, a massive big one that was never going to go red (we have more like that) but did turn out well fried in batter. Last year we had bad weather and although we had a lot of tomatoes, most of them were green. We still used them, either fried or added to dishes, or used for chutney. This year we have had a lot of red, yellow, dark red tomatoes and have enjoyed picking and eating them.

We have picked the last lot of french and runner beans and I’ve pulled up a couple of tiny carrots. The rest of the carrots could probably do with pulling up before the slugs get to them too much.

We now have winter onion sets and garlic, ready to plant out either this weekend or next

2022 B/F £312.78

french beans – 134g£0.94
runner beans – 120g£0.84
carrot – 56g£0.04
green tomatoes – 214g£1.90
tomatoes – 822g£7.31
onion sets and garlic£5.33
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £318.48

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