Weekly Harvest 3rd Aug 22

3rd August 2022

We have been digging potatoes as needed each week but now it was time to dig a whole row in order to free up space to plant out some of the winter plants. Last year we were getting nearly 1kg per plant (we ended up with the world’s biggest harvest ever), so far this year we haven’t done too bad but the hot weather has probably killed off the plants a bit too soon. The row gave us a good harvest all the same. I’ll be digging some of the other rows soon, but as it seems to no longer be raining these days, there is no rush.

French beans in the garden are becoming ready, each morning I’ve been picking and then they all come back by the next day. Spring onions we are trying to use before they become small onions. The odd carrot in the garden we are pulling.

2022 B/F 181.33

beetroot – 475g£1.90
spring onion – 92g£0.74
blackberries – 260g£3.90
raspberry – 50g£0.67
potato – 2.951£2.95
french beans – 344g£2.32
carrot – 14g£0.01
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £193.82

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