Weekly Harvest 29th Aug 23

29th August 2023

We missed out on a lot of raspberries that came and went while we were on holiday. However, what we have been picking has been good and bearing in mind that only one set of canes is really growing and producing we have harvested more off this one then the whole lot last year which shows that redoing them has paid off. Next year I am sure all the others will come fully back to life, they are all showing signs now but of course it is all too late in the year to come to anything.

Mostly we are picking and eating tomatoes.


2023 B/F £204.79

borlotti beans – 145g£0.35
apples – 176g£0.46
tomato – 449g£3.99
runner beans – 300g£2.09
raspberries – 134g£1.70
RUNNING 2023 TOTAL £213.38

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