Climbing trees, making netting

It seems like ages since I have gone to the plot first thing in the morning and spent a lot of time there. You can feel in the air first thing that summer is coming to an end, the early morning autumn light tells you there is not much time left. Make the most of it, I have had some early morning time in the garden but the plot has been missing out.

While there was no-one about much, I decided to trim back some of the trees that over hang from the field next to the plot and if left unattended would cover the whole plot. I have been meaning to do this since the winter, but it is easier when there is more greenery about and everything is not wet, seeing as I have to climb up the trees to get to the bits I need to chop off. This I did, although will have to return to finish it off.

Back on the ground I decided to tidy up the netting that covers the kale as it is way too low. In the end I used some of the blue water pipes screwed to a couple lengths of decking wood and then covered in the netting. I’m not sure why I have not done this before. By adding some screws into the decking it allowed me to hook over the netting. Suddenly the whole idea of netting went from a cumbersome pain to something that is now quick and easy to work with.

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