Tomatoes in the garden

While those on the plot have suffered from the wind and the rain throughout the summer (I expect to see blight) the ones in the garden are doing much better and giving us as mixture of tomatoes every other day. It’s a bit like checking the chickens for eggs each morning, we go out and pick tomatoes starting to change colour and add them to the others on the window sill. We have a mixture of red, yellow, red with green stripes, and dark red tomatoes. Next year, maybe, I shall label them up so I know just what it is we are growing. To further aid the tomatoes I am regularly picking off new growth in order to keep air flowing and the sun reaching the fruits. I’ve also removed and new flowers and any newly formed tomatoes that will never grow in time. The clock is ticking, within a month this garden will start to enter it’s long period in the shade, the sun won’t return until April time.

We are picking beans and pulling both beetroot and carrots. The butternut squash is slowly taking over one of the Poppadomes, fingers crossed that we will get some actually butternut squashes.

The paving is working well and been a great success, the chairs at the bottom of the garden are hidden between the beans and sunken down the hill just slightly. You can sit there, drinking coffee and reading a book, and no one knows you are there.

The grass, it has been growing a lot.

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