Weekly Harvest 8th July 23

8th July 2023

Another month has gone by without talking about harvests…. although I have been logging them and so here goes.

Broad beans have now finished but we managed to get a reasonable amount for the number of plants I grew, next year I will have to restock the “broad bean bank” in the freezer.

We have been fortunate with lettuce in that a friend wanted loads for not only herself to eat but to give to their pet tortoise too, we were happy to share what we had and make good use of us growing things.

Strawberries I gave up on with the plot as something is clearly eating every single one which is a shame as the plants look really good and so did all the strawberries until one they they had all gone. I am already working on plans to protect these much better for next year. At home we have not had the same problem but we only have one or two plants as decoration. Even so, we managed a very small harvest of the best strawberries possible.

We have not done the “big evening of the potatoes” yet, maybe that will be mid month. In the meantime I have dug up one plant which gave over 1kg of potatoes and so I am happy with all that. With the new hose pipe I really made an effort to keep the potatoes well watered which it seems it may have paid off. We did however have a “big evening of the peas” with us picking an podding most of the peas on the plot and some in the garden, there are still plenty growing to pick another day. In both the garden and the plot the peas grew really well, only to be battered down by the wind but it didn’t seem to spoil it too much.

2023 B/F £91.28

radish – 145g£0.40
broad bean – 290g£1.31
lettuce – 180g£2.91
strawberries – 140g£0.88
potatoes – 1.373kg£1.37
peas – 558g£0.77
beetroot – 174g£0.70
spring onions – 53g£0.42
RUNNING 2023 TOTAL £100.04

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