Squash plants do like the rain

After a week of lots of sun and long evenings, we have had non stop heavy rain for a couple of days – the squash plants in the garden have loved it. It hasn’t been cold, just wet, nothing will need watering for quite some time (it’s going to keep raining on and off through all of next week so watering really won’t be needed).

The garden has been transformed in just a couple of days, everything has doubled in size. The squash plants, which I thought I had planted in big empty spaces, are now starting to trail about. We have old metal stair gates and so have propped one up at an angle over the top of what might be a Crown Prince squash and I will encourage it to climb over it. I’ll do the same for others in the next days when they are a bit bigger. The butternut squash and Baby Boo squash have been over shadowed by the potatoes which have really grown and all have pink flowers on. I have tied them back a bit to give more light to the squash on one side and the small row of leeks on the other. Just like at the plot, the potatoes seem really healthy this year, hopefully not all growth on top and nothing underground. They were not bought from Wilkos this year but instead a proper seed company and so I am keen to see if it was money well spent.

I still have loads of squash plants in seed tray pots and so put a couple out in a flower planter that I made last week, it seems silly to waste them. I put some under the tomato plants too. The remaining I’ll put up at the plot because again, why waste things when something might happen with them.

I thinned the parsnips and had a look at the beetroot. I might need to thin them out, but I’ll wait until it is a bit drier. It rained so much that the seed pot that the remaining leek plants are in (waiting for.. I’m not sure) turned into more of a paddy field. I tipped off the water and put the tray undercover. We have plenty of leeks in the ground now, I’m not sure what to do with the remaining ones here, I might just plant them when space comes free and have them as baby leeks – very posh.

Pea plants are massive, somewhere is the mass of plants there is the netting they have grown up and over. A mixture this year of which some are giving out really deep purple flowers. Lots of pods and it reminds me to grow mangetout next year.

There there was bare soil just a couple of days ago, there are plants.

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