Weekly Harvest 15th June 21

15th June 2021

It is quite a relief that the radish phase is over for now, we couldn’t keep up and eventually they went to seed. It is nice in a way, the parsnips that they were meant to be markers for were not keen on being in the shadow of the radish plants and they were trying to find the light. It has been good though, massive radish, peppery, not woody, super monster size. Quite often one radish would do two people, and that’s part the reason we had so many left. We have another batch planted out earlier this week, but mid summer radish are never as good as the early or late ones.

We gave loads of broad beans away this week, we found someone else apart from just me who likes them. The plants are starting to show their age and it won’t be long until they finish off, but we still have millions of beans to pick before then.

Strawberries are still a bit of a struggle, after such a great first year we have not been able to replicate it. Last year was rubbish and so I’m happy that we have already picked more this year so far than the whole of last year, but they are not fantastic – good for jam maybe. It’s made me think about what we can do, where we can move them, for next year. Getting them away from the edge of the plot might help, getting them off the ground a bit too. I found a stash of moulding small strawberries in the corner of the bed, along with a dead mouse, it seems he over dosed on too much strawberries and cream.

2021 B/F £11.39

broad bean – 1.539kg£6.93
lettuce – 40g£0.03
radish – 400g£1.30
rhubarb – 487g£3.20
strawberry – 757g£4.73
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £27.58

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