The bloke in the plot next to us was giving it up and offered for me to take anything I wanted before he gave his keys back. I picked up a couple of “dome tent netting”, they looked like little pop up tents in bags. I wondered if they would be of use in the garden with the never ending battle with the cats. The onions were still under the low blue netting and starting to suffer with not being able to really stretch out tall.

Putting them together was pretty straight forward, putting flexible poles together and threading them through in much the same way as you would do with a tent. The netting is quite wide, it will let through bees and things but it won’t let in cats.

I was able to place a couple of them over the bed, as if the bed was made for it, and I pegged them both down. They come with zips so you don’t need to move them once they are in place.

I’m quite pleased with these.

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