Slow in the garden

Still yet to reach 20c in the garden this year, I wonder if the cool temperatures and unsettled weather is the reason why everything seems so slow in the garden at the moment. We did sow the peas pretty late (the main plants went up to the allotment) as a last minute thing, not having peas growing in the garden just didn’t seem right. Germination hasn’t been brilliant and the plants have just been sitting there for the last week with no real growth. Weather wise there have been a lot of overcast days with no real temperature, windy days, and the odd sunny day but still cool.

Onions are enjoying their extra freedom under the Poppadomes and I do notice growth on them. Likewise, lettuce has been slow but there is growth, I’m waiting for warmer weather and they will suddenly spring into life (and possibly bolt!). Radish are growing (slow) and spinach has yet to do anything since planting.

In the other bed (with the peas), there are the odd carrot showing but I’m not sure where the others are. Beetroot likewise. I planted out the spring onions and there is no sign of beans yet (it’s only been a week).

Grass however, that seems to be growing quite well, we are having to cut it each week.

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