Peas and Potatoes

I found it hard to find borlotti bean seeds, I tracked them down as pinto beans. I’m not sure if they are the same thing, I have a feeling they are not, but they will still do the same job. I planted all 25 beans, next to the carrots that don’t seem to have germinated, yet.

Peas are all in and starting to climb. I sowed a second row the other side of the vertical netting, possibly they won’t thrive being later, they will get overshadowed by those already climbing.

I decided to uncover the purple sprouting as it’s past it’s best and we have had a lot of off of them this year. By uncovering, leaving to flower a bit, it gives pigeons something to concentrate on instead of the peas or anything else on that plot.

The final row of potatoes were starting to show (just one week behind the others) and so I banked them up.

Broad beans are finally starting to grow and have bean pods and flowers. These plants are no way as large or fully grown as we have had previous years, they have not had a good time at all and so it is good to see some results finally. The first time our overwintered broad beans have not thrived.

The large strawberry bed has flowers and small strawberries, all looking healthy and I’m quite pleased. Garlic is looking good, slightly rusty but all looking strong.

I cut the grass and I weeded.


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