Sunny afternoon at the plot

  • Friday – cool but sunny, the long weekend was looking promising
  • Saturday – it rained all day, hard, as if it was the middle of the winter, we watched the Coronation and longed for spring time to one day appear for more than one day
  • Sunday – the weather had pretty much undeclared what it was going to do, just white cloud and nothingness..

Suddenly, Sunday afternoon it became sunny and warm. It’s not yet been hot yet this year, there has not yet been a day over 20c which is annoying. Normally this would happen around mid to late April. Ignoring that, we fancied a walk up to the plot.

With all the rain, the first three rows of potatoes were all showing, the forth row was just starting to show. I earthed up the three rows, I expect I’ll be doing the same for the fourth next week. Before I could do that I needed to pull up various amount of bindweed. Between myself and Rachael we did the whole plot in no time, pulling up the deep roots of the weed and collecting half a bucket load.

No sign of parsnip seed germinating and no sign of carrot seed either. It’s only been a week and so probably a bit early.

We picked rhubarb and purple sprouting. Possibly the last lot of purple sprouting for the year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little bit more next week just hanging on.

We had quite a pleasant afternoon on the plot, mostly pottering about.

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