First Sowing – indoors

It’s been a “snow day”, or as I’m no longer a child I can say it’s “been snowing all day”.   The forums are full of people with dashed allotment plans for the weekend, all looking out for the good weather, sowing seeds indoors while it is snowy outside.   I wasn’t going to sow any seeds indoors, I was hoping to do it all on the plot either straight in the ground when the time came or within a cold-frame.    I haven’t built a cold-frame, so that won’t happen just yet, and I thought I was missing out.

Seeing as most of the plot has been dug over and undercover during all the cold weather, it is pretty warm (compared to the ground what is not covered over) and so I think in a couple of weeks I may do some early sowing and cover it with some fleece tunnels.  Maybe, if I am organised.

In the meantime, currently in the kitchen are pots of courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, and sweet peas.  All of these I thought would probably like it indoors to start with.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with peppers as I have no green house to grow them in, but the seeds came free with a magazine.  The sweet peas were in an envelope marked “2009”, I remember when we had them growing up bright red and green wigwams in the front garden at the old house.   Not sure if anything will come from planting these, but it is worth a try.

That was a couple of hours ago, I have checked them and I can’t see anything growing yet….


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