Strawberries and sowing undercover

Rain all weekend but none of it ever came, resulting in quite pleasant weather and time spent both in the garden and a the allotment.   I cut down the buddleia and eucalyptus tree in the garden and bagged all the bits up which I took to the plot the next day.   Clocks changed which meant it felt very early to be at the plot on Sunday where I burnt a load of old cuttings and weed roots, small bits of the cuttings the day before but being just cut meant a huge amount of smoke and not a lot of burning, and so I left that for another week.

In the afternoon we all returned withe the aim to plant strawberries from Wilkos that we bought a couple of weeks ago, and to sow some seeds in pots and put under some fleece to keep them safe from the cold for a while.   The strawberries were just bundles of roots of which I am expecting to suddenly spring into life over the next couple of weeks.  They looked all pretty sorry and so I hope something comes of them.   I  thought we had bought enough for both raised beds but I could only fill the one, so maybe we shall buy some more for the second bed.

Meanwhile, we sowed:

  • broad beans
  • broccoli
  • sprouts
  • leeks

Put the pots in the “cold frame”  and covered it in fleece and netting.   I am thinking the end of March is not too early for this sort of thing.  During the summer we will build a real cold frame which will help protect things better.

Courgette seeds from last weekend sowed indoors are starting to show, nothing yet from the 10 year old sweet pea seeds….


Todays planting “area”…



Tom giving a hand with the pots


Strawberries, where are they? Hopefully all about to spring into life!


The empty second bed


Taking a peek under the cover…


Gooseberries maybe coming back to life….


The regular garlic picture…


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