Potatoes and Onions

Easter means potato planting time, and it might as well mean onion set planting time too.   On the forums everyone is saying it is too wet and too cold, some have even posted photos of their plot under water.   With everything covered in plastic since just before Christmas, the soil is warm and dry, all broken down and ready to go.

I can’t remember why I bought three packets of seed potatoes, but they are small packets  They have been chitting for a number of weeks scaring off children when they look at them on the window sill.   Early morning start meant once again I had the whole site to myself, and it was slightly warm too.   I started by pulling the plastic sheeting off half of the plot and folding it up so the remaining half was still covered (it might as well be) until it is needed later on in the month.

Three rows of potatoes (I had planned two) and then two rows of onions.  I covered the onions to stop the birds picking them out, they were waiting on the fence for me to turn my back.

I checked everything, did a bit of hoeing and I re-covered the pots with the fleece with the hope that the wind won’t blow it off again.  Even though it is quite well anchored to the ground, I am sure it will.

Spotted new buds on the blackcurrants, and the small buds on the gooseberries show there is no mistake that they are all starting to come back to life.   Had a small chat with the bloke next to us while he was digging.


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