Planting (more) Garlic

Traditionally on the shortest day of the year to be pulled on the longest. I planted in November this year as last year’s didn’t seem to catch a cold period and so a number did not separate into cloves. All of these are up and looking good.

The garlic picked this year turned out to be not too bad but I did notice some of the bulbs that didn’t split into cloves had started sprouting. I decided I would plant these this morning. With so much garlic I should be saving and re-planting them each year anyway instead of buying new each time.

The visit was early in the morning and rather quick. I track up to the plot was mostly a lake and everywhere oozed with water and mud as you stepped about. On top of that, it was really raining hard, for a change. I popped the garlic in, pulled the remaining wonky carrots, and came home for a shower and breakfast.

The remaining wonky carrots were nothing special, small and wonky and some showing signs that they could had done with pulling out quite a while ago. I’ll make the best of these and freeze the good bits.

To make room in the freezer, which seems to be mostly full of shredded cabbage, I used up the year’s raspberries and strawberries that I had frozen, and made quite a bit of jam. Everyone likes jam.

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