Digging Weed Roots

Finished off digging the space next to the gooseberries. The gooseberry bushes will move over the next month and now that I have dug around the other side of them it opens up quite a lot of extra growing space which I will use for onions. We had chard growing here one year but since then it has just been left and mostly contained bindweed during the summer. With the fence one side and the gooseberries the other there was never much room, plus it was hard to get to. I double dug all of this down quite deep, pulling out two bucket loads of bindweed roots.

I also mulched the rhubarb plants with rotted down horse manure and added the left over onto the tomato bed. I need quite a bit more to complete this but will wait until it gets a bit dryer.

I bought home:

  • swede
  • sprouts

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