Just a winter late afternoon visit

It was a bit windy, certainly a bit rainy and within an hour it would be dark, but we felt it would be nice to get out and go for a walk and so we did just that, walking up to the plot.

The leeks really are looking bad and I spot bits of rust on the garlic which so soon after planting is a bit annoying. In comparison, garlic at home has none. Possibly for next year I will keep such plants under fleece to hopefully reduce this.

Raspberries on the over hand cannot be stopped, another see of red berries on such a gloomy late afternoon. I never thought I would be picking raspberries in the wind and rain as the light levels drop. Turnips too are all going well, which we pulled a load more. I also picked some sprouts and cut a small red cabbage.

Broad beans planted the other month are growing quickly, while the ones planted a couple of week back are starting to show under their bottle tops. The peas look like they have done their growing and a couple of flowers look like they are forming, but nothing fantastic is going to happen I don’t think. Planting in the spring time is probably a better idea. It was only a quick visit as it was dark by the time we left.

At home I pulled the last lot of carrots, getting to them before slugs and things get them in the constant wet. None of these were prize worthy but worth having all the same. I also pulled a load of beetroot to make some more beetroot jam. Amazingly we still have loads more in the ground, maybe some roast beetroot in the weeks to come. I uncovered the kale from it’s netting with the hope that caterpillars will have died off by now (they seem to have left the turnips), although I did pick one off of the plant the next day.

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