Problem with wind…

Monday last week it started and it has not stopped, wind is a bit of a problem. The weather has been so poor that it felt like summer had been and pottering about at the plot and garden were something I would look forward to “in the summer”, I looked forward to the summer crops again instead of the winter planning. The warm weather did return but the wind kept on going, making it not the most relaxing outside.

The marigolds out in the front of the house that I planted, I covered in netting to try to hold off the wind a bit. It seems to have done the job so far, although I wasn’t expecting to have the netting on for much more than a day. It’s still in place, a week later.

Most activity on the plot has been picking currants and making sure the fennel is surviving. Cucumbers are growing a lot, as well as the courgettes. Tomatoes seem mostly shaded from the wind.

I planted out some of the leek plants but the wind didn’t make it that much fun and so I’ll try and finish off planting the rest during the week.

At home, we keep picking loads of cherries and yet the tree never looks much bearer. Having now picked over 2kg of them and getting a bit sick of them (including the various cherry cakes) the rest will be for the birds and maybe visitors to the house! Black and red currants I have made loads of jam, and yet I still have one more bush to pick them from.

We pulled beetroot from the garden, been picking the last of the peas, and started on the yellow and deep purple french beans.

Out of the three butternut squash plants, the ones in the garden are doing well, one of them so well that it is spreading all over the place. The one at the plot, died. That’s the second year of not working and so I see it as a sign that says “don’t bother trying to grow butternut squash on the plot again”.

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