Pruning Things

Not only did I have the afternoon off work, but it was (cold) sunny too. Knowing that it would be getting dark in just a couple of hours I biked off to the plot with no real plan apart from not wanting to waste the sun. In the end I decided to cut down the raspberry canes and prune the blackcurrant bushes. The raspberry canes I saved for next year for peas to grow up.

The leaves on the gooseberry bushes are falling off and it will be time to prune them quite soon too. Before then, or maybe at the same time, I need to move them closer to the blackcurrant bushes. The area I had dug over the other day was looking good and I prepped the move a bit further by moving the wooden path to the edge of the plot. I’ve always thought of the gooseberry bushes being near the end of the plot, but having done all this they suddenly feel in a middle of a bed and slightly in the way. That is the reason for moving them.

Way too wet and muddy today, that will be for another visist.

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