An autumn feeling

With a bit of summer still hanging on, in the shape of one late red strawberry in the garden. The rest of the garden is starting to be tidied up, old plants removed and remaining ones tidied up. It is mostly parsnips and beetroot, with the squash plants trailing about. The runner beans will probably come out later this week. The leaves bare soil with the challenge to keep the cats off..

At the plot the squash plants have really finished and so I pulled them up and hoed over the ground to get it ready for something else. Possibly the same again next year, with potatoes next to them. I started to tidy up the strawberries which, with all the runners taking root over the last months. I thought they were rather over crowded this year, and a lot of strawberries did rot. The warm weather, rain, and over crowding. Being next to the edge of the plot, with the over hanging trees and the weeds from the field, it means I am thinking of moving the bed out a bit and having the path along the edge like it is with the rest of the (small and thin) plot. Probably do that in the spring.

I bought some onion sets and garlic today, I’ll plant those mid October.

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