Weekly Harvest 21st Sept 21

21st September 2021

A bit of a lack of photos… We pulled a load of small carrots from the garden and added into a resotto, likewise with chard and kale all cut up. While at the plot I unearthed a potato, so one to add to the main stock of potatoes. I cut some bushes down for a neighbour which ended up cutting down loads of brambles. Before I did, I picked the blackberries and I made jam (of course) with that and the ones already in the freezer.

We are eating beetroot but really not enough… we need to be eating more.

2021 B/F £385.97

potato – 79g£0.16
carrots – 186g£0.14
beetroot – 226g£0.81
chard – 315g£1.00
chilies – 25g£0.38
blackberries – 47g£0.47
kale – 22g£0.20
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £389.13

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