Potatoes and Parsnips

A freaky warm week, blue skies and sun. I spent an early morning at the plot and it was actually too hot by the time I left at lunch time. Let’s not get used to it, snow is forecast for later this week…

Two rows of potatoes for now. A row of Pink Fir and a row of Maris Piper. The ridges of soil left over are not on top of the potatoes just yet, they are next to them. Once they start to show I’ll hoe over the ridges on to the plants. I’ll give it until later on in April to plant another two rows. All of these were put in pre-prepped soil that I dug in my own compost.

On the other side of the path, I did likewise and this time sowed some parsnip seeds with radish in-between. I’ll probably sow some more in the garden at home a bit later too, parsnips sowed on the plot have not done well in the past. This time though, I’m hoping by planting them now, the soil will remain wet or damp for long enough for them to germinate. We’ll see. Radish planted with them to mark the row.

This is the first year that our own compost from the plot has been fed back in, the whole bin produced and has been used. This means the lefthand bin is now the active one, mostly empty at the moment, while the righthand bin is full and over the coming months will die down lower.

At home:

  • chili plants transplanted into pots
  • tomato seedlings showing
  • lettuce pricked out and in small pots
  • loads of spring onion seedlings
  • leek seedlings
  • chive seedlings

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