Shorter Days

Suddenly it feels like autumn when only the other week we were in the middle of a drought. It has rained and been sunny, but certainly the days are getting shorter very quickly. It happens every year but you hope maybe this year it might not and summer will continue and the days stay long (I’d be a bit worried if that really did happen!).

On the plot I have filled empty spaces by sowing field beans and some of them have started to show. The rest of the plot is covered by either tomatoes, squash, or brassicas. I’m pleased to see two pumpkins on the plot while in the garden we have one massive butternut squash and I’m hoping at least three others will take and continue to grow.

I tidied the garden up by moving the grass but within a couple of days it had all grown back again. I’ll do it again at the weekend and also tidy up the bushes and prune the trees.

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