Weekly Harvest 7th Sept 22

7th September 2022

The weather was about to turn and so it seemed a good time to dig up the potatoes in the garden. Having been in the ground for around 150 days they were always destined to be main crop and hopefully large potatoes. At 11.5kg from just one short row I am pleased with what we dug up. this included some very large potatoes which we might try putting in the oven as jacket potatoes.

The weather turning to become wet (instead of drought) has helped the tomatoes and beans. We are picking tomatoes each day and have plenty of green ones slowing turning red. Some of these are black cherry ones, more dark red than black, and we have some beef tomatoes which will hopefully turn red soon. Time will be running out as the month progresses. Beans keep growing too, we are picking those every other day.

We are trying to use up the beetroot but it’s a bit hard when we only pulled up one this week and it came in at 705g, it wasn’t woody either. We have a whole row at the plot and so I think I’ll have to make beetroot pickle out of those.

2022 B/F £249.88

beetroot – 705g£2.82
courgette – 466g£1.17
tomatoes – 1.56kg£13.87
runner beans – 510g£3.55
potato – 11.56kg£11.56
french beans – 360g£2.52
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £285.37

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