Everything is growing

Firstly, bindweed. I managed with ease to fill a small trug with it. Mostly it comes out easy if I prise it out with my knife, hopefully by digging deep it will be at least a week before it shows up again. I also squashed and wiped off a lot of black fly on the broad beans which reminds me why I normally overwinter them. Overwintering this year just didn’t work out well for whatever reason, and one plants I do have are not the biggest. I notice it is the same on other plots on the site. I spotted a couple of ladybirds who are set in for feast if they can eat them all.

I had got to the pot early in the morning before the sun had got round from behind the trees. I gave everything a good watering.

The peas have got to the top of the netting that they are climbing up. The strawberries are looking very good with lots of green strawberries. I had yet to net them and last year we suffered from mice but I am hoping they are no longer about as normally they seem to eat the strawberries while they are green. Fingers crossed. The parsnips I transplanted out have all taken and upon inspection I noticed two or tree direct sown parsnips showing. I sign that need to get new seed for next year as I sowed loads in a line with the hope that one or two would take. If the seed had been new then I would be busy thinning out millions of parsnips seedlings now. The same for carrots, a lot of (old) seed sown and not a lot germinated.

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