The evening of the sprout plants

The sprouts I sowed in seed tray, in coir, had grown well but were starting to show signs that they would really like to be in the ground and that the coir was no longer giving them much to survive on, some of the plants had leaves starting to go yellow. There is plenty of room on the plot to plant these out, without growing onions this year (we have some in the garden instead) it leaves quite a hole. I had planned to plant out the sprouts where the potatoes had been when I dig them up during the summer but that would be too late surely. Looking at my notes, last year I didn’t plant out sprouts until August, I can’t work out what I was going with them all that time at home in pots! I normally plant them out in late May or sometime in June.

I decided to pull up the purple sprouting which I would had normally left in the ground a bit longer to let it all flower, looking nice and giving insects and birds things to do. This year though I wanted the space for the sprouts as it seemed the perfect place so I pulled them up, hoed and raked the soil, and planted the sprouts. I gave them a dusting of blood, fish, bone in the holes, watered them in and I covered them in netting just until they get going. When they do get going they will out grow the netting pretty quickly and I’ll have to sort out something larger like I normally do.

While I was at the plot, I did a very small bit of weeding, the amount of bindweed that has grown back in just three days is amazing. It wasn’t an evening for too much weeding though, that will be next time. I did however give plants a watering, the peas, carrots (one germinated so far….) and I noticed beans starting to show.

Nothing to harvest and bring home, although I am picking lettuce each day at home to have with my lunch.

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