Just weeding

A late start and one where it was hot and sunny. I could had done more but I fancied just weeding and tidying. I noticed a couple of carrot seedlings although germination is still pretty poor. No parsnips apart from those I transplanted out. Old seed? Possibly yet and must remember to order new for next year.

Broad beans are present and I was going to pick some but thought I’d leave for at least one more week in order for them to get larger.

The main thing I wanted to sort out was the long grass and weeds within the fruit cage. While I’ve been able to mow grass and keep weeds down everywhere else, within the fruit cage it’s a bit harder to get to get to. There is a lot of bindweed still left to get out but all the tall grass that was smothering the fruit bushes has been pulled up.

The rest of the time I spent pulling up bindweed roots and tidying up the peas. Even though I had strimmed the grass last week, I did notice it would need doing again next week.

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