Chillies and Peppers Repotted

These have been growing on the window sill for a little while and they are in desperate need for repotting and so while my sister was staying with us for the weekend I used that to offload some surplus plants!   From the two pots, one of peppers and one of chillies, I split them up and put them in their own seperate pots.  Ones for the my sister went into much smaller cardboard pots that would then be ready to simply plop into a larger pot when she got home.

To replace those, my sister came with three pots from the same bargain series (£1 for the pot ready with compost and seeds) of more tomatoes, some rocket and some bassil.    These are now all sown and on the window sill while the recently repotted peppers and chillies are doing well there too and looking much more full of life than they do in the photo here!

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