Pathways and weeding

It was interesting to see if there had been any damage at the plot following two days of very strong winds. Green netting had been blown all over the place, the odd support stick laying down. The tomatoes needed pushing back up with their sticks. At some point I will need to sort out the netting on the sprouts, stake them back up straight.

The weather still wasn’t the best and so we didn’t do a great deal of weeding, but did pick cucumbers, french beans and a collection of baby beetroot which we will pickle.

We made a start at the end bit of the path by the entrance, pulling up plastic sheeting that had been there for a couple of years and finding loads of bindweed roots still surviving. We pulled a load up, recovered with plastic and covered that in woodchip. Small bits each time, but it is starting to look better each time.

A quick weekend visit just to weed, which turned out to be two hours but it was all weeding so it was needed. Because it was a ‘quick’ weeding session I wasn’t going to bring anything home but I did manage to collect a handfull of raspberries and a giant cucumber that had suddenly popped up from nowhere.

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