Weekly Harvest 30th July 2019

30th July

Cucumbers all over the place, each time we visit there is a load more and it is getting hard to store them in the fridge at home. I’ve been enjoying having these small cucumbers in sandwiches and on their own. I expect this week there will be a truck load more.

A surprise digging up of a rogue potato plant which produce half a kilo of potatoes to join the current ones in store which we are slowly working our way through.

Other than that, beetroot and french beans being a nice constant. An early picking of a couple of apples, maybe just a bit too early as they were still a little bit bitter, but fine all the same.

I must not forget the ongoing thinning of carrots which saw our first worthwhile harvest. The thin coloured baby carrots were nice, but more of a small treat. The normal baby carrots however were full of flavour and were part of a real meal.

B/F £119.36

Chard – 150g£1.13
Ridge Cucumber – 9£12.51
Courgette – 331g£0.71
Radish – 42g£0.31
French Bean – 176g£1.19
Raspberry – 100g£1.14
Potato – 578g£0.58
Beetroot – 147g£0.49
Coloured Carrot – 38g£0.51
Carrot – 153g£0.11
Apple – 168g£0.33
Chilies £0.65
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £139.02

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