More potatoes and onions

Overwintered onion seed plants are doing quite well on the plot although are noticeably behind the sets, which makes sense. More onion seed sowed earlier in the year was ready to plant out, which is what I did. An early morning visit to the plot where I put these these next to the others. The over wintered onion sets were now starting to fill out, if last year is anything to go by then these could get quite big over the coming months.

I wanted to plant the remaining potatoes, adding another two rows to the two already. With the two lots of planting, first lot might be ready in 100 days, second lot 120 days.

The fruit bushes had liked the warmer and longer days with green leafs and the start of blossom. I need to build the fruit cage that I have been meaning to since the first of the year before it is too late.

The two purple sprouting plants gave another harvest and I was pleased to see there will be a third in a week’s time. I really am quite impressed with these as we didn’t get much last year and I thought this year would be the same.

I have a whole list of things that need sowing, all the squashes for a start. I ran out of time today and so will get to those during the week.

At home have the following germinating/growing either undercover or indoors:

  • pears
  • leeks
  • welsh onions
  • lettuce
  • chilies
  • spring onions
  • sprouts
  • celeriac
  • thyme
  • spinach
  • tomatoes

I was able to bring home from the allotment:

  • rhubarb
  • purple sprouting
  • leeks

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