Weekly Harvest 27th Aug 2019

27th August

Finally we have had tomatoes, all it needed was some actual warm and sunny days and now they are everywhere. A bit of surprise as I had forgotten that they were yellow tomatoes. Nothing better than a sun warmed fresh tomato for breakfast when you arrive at the plot early in the morning.

Another first for the year was picking of Russian kale, still quite small plants but certainly ready to start picking leaves.

Cucumbers, chilies and raspberries keep coming while carrots I we continue to eat the thinnings of both normal and coloured carrots – all pretty much straight at the moment.

B/F £187.87

Ridge Cucumber – 3£4.17
Raspberry – 146g£1.67
Beetroot – 179g£0.60
French Beans – 26g£0.18
Carrot – 85g£0.06
Coloured Carrot – 160g£2.13
Runner Beans – 83g£0.50
Yellow Tomatoes – 274g£2.44
Kale – 21g£0.19
Courgette – 298g£0.64
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £201.10

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