Weekly Harvest 12th May 20

12th May 2020

Radish time. These were probably ready a week ago but we had no need to eat any, until the hot weekend when salad was the right thing. Some had started to split, so it was certainly time to start on these. We had a couple of pickings, bonus that they were in the garden and so one minute they were in the ground and the next they were sliced on a plate for lunch.

A walk up to the plot just to water some bits, but we thought we would pick some of the broad beans that were ready. I wished we had grown more (we are growing less than last year), but at the same time I’m the only one that likes them, so maybe the balance is right. Still, small broad beans and radish make a nice little salad. Give it a couple of weeks and we’ll have lettuce too.

2020 B/F -£23.00

Radish- 015g£0.84
Broad Beans- 266g£1.14
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL -£21.02

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