Weekly Harvest 22nd Dec 20

22nd December 2020

The calm before Christmas, and the prospect of empty shelves in shops while everyone panics, we will be living off of turnips for the first part of the year I am sure – which was the expectation back in late summer when I planted so many of them. We don’t really like turnips, however they do bulk things out. In a meat and potato pie (never ask what type of meat…) we made, along with diced up carrots and potato, a load of turnip fresh from the garden joined in.

Everything this week is from the garden, as needed. A “Christmas trip” to the allotment will no doubt happen over the coming days…. depending on if we are still permitted outside without a note from the teacher.

2020 B/F £302.11

turnip- 192g£0.41
kale- 25g£0.23
spinach- 13g£0.02
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £302.77

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