Weekly Harvest 3rd May 22

3rd May 2022

The leeks are looking a bit past it, which they are really seeing as it’s now May. Within a couple of weeks I’ll be planting out this year’s leeks. I had a go at planting them together, but it didn’t really work. Still, if you don’t mind your leeks small, we have been using and eating them all the same.

I left the rhubarb for this week. Last week’s went into a cake. Nothing fancy, just a sponge cake with bits of rhubarb plopped on the top to sink in. Simple but nice.

Radish on the plot, marking the line of parsnips, they are ready for picking. Our first ‘summer’ harvest of the year and nice peppery taste to them

2022 B/F £41.49

leeks – 315g£0.69
radish – 116g£0.38
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £42.56

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