Weekly Harvest 8th July 22

8th July 2022

. Suddenly it’s July and everything is ready, the days are long and the weather is super sunny and hot. The highest temperature for the year in the garden at 28c was recorded this week

A bit of a race against time with cherries, all of a sudden they were ready. I could tell they were by all the birds pinching them and dropping the stones. The tree goes in two year cycles it seems, a good year with around 3kg of cherries and then a bad year of just 500g. This year it was due to be a good year and having spent ages on a ladder in the tree, we have the 3.5kg (of there abouts) once again. There are most cherries remaining, I might get to pick those or I might leave them for the birds. So far we have given three lots away, soaked 1kg in a lot of gin, and put some aside to make cherry cake.

It was also time for potatoes, 100 days after planting the first two rows. A row of pink fur and a row of “normal”, I dug up a plant from each. We have never had pink fur but had been recommended to try them, they are funny knobbly looking things. I can’t believe the cost of pink fur if you were to buy them (we won’t ever be buying them!). I’ll keep digging plants as needed each week until later in the month when I’ll dig the whole row.

Peas went from being small to being all over the place and loads of pots. I have spent a lot of time after work podding peas.

Garlic has been drying and bleaching in the sun for quite a while, we didn’t plant that much this year as we had loads left over. A bit disappointing that a lot did not split into cloves which is not a problem we have ever had before. I cleaned them up and they will all be used all the same.

Over wintered white and red onions from the plot had also been drying in the sun for quite some time and I finally bought them home. Not the best, in that I will have to cut them up and freeze instead of storing in a bag as a number of them looked like they would not last. A good harvest though, and I still have over wintered onions from the garden and the spring time onions from the plot, all for another day.

Talking of spring onions, proper spring onions that is, we are pulling them from the garden as needed. Also pulling a lot of beetroot.

Have strawberries come to an end for the year, it seemed to come and go so quickly. We had a reasonable amount, although still nothing like the 5kg we had in the first year.

2022 B/F £78.91

garlic – 13£7.80
beetroot – 1.2kg£4.80
spring onions – 30g£0.70
strawberries – 200g£1.75
peas – 382g£0.53
red onion – 375g£0.38
onions – 3.582kg£3.58
potato – 735g£0.74
pink fur potato – 593g£3.56
cherries – 3.438kg£34.38
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £137.13

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