Weekly Harvest 24th Aug 23

24th August 2023

The good news has been the massive harvest of french and runner beans. The less good news was loosing most of that and the rest of the year’s frozen harvest when the freezer decided to pack up. A bit of a puzzle as since then the freezer has been fine but by the time we noticed (which was by the puddle on the floor), our harvests and other frozen goods were no longer frozen.

With some sun it has helped the tomatoes to turn red and I have been picking them most days as they start to change colour and finishing them off on the window sill. If I don’t do this then a lot of them start splitting while still on the plant. By taking them off the plant to finish off also gives the tomato plants to put their energy in the remaining ones still attached. It won’t be long until the Autumn and the number of green tomato harvest I would like to keep to a minimum.

Good news from the plot was seeing the first lot of very late courgettes. We are also getting a lot of large raspberries for what is the first year that the raspberries have been properly managed and looked after instead of a cluttered mess of raspberry canes and bindweed.


2023 B/F £177.45

borlotti beans – 167g£0.40
courgette – 610g£1.83
spring onions – 119g£0.95
tomato – 786g£6.99
runner beans – 1.303kg£9.08
french beans – 0.523£2.91
chillies – 2g£0.03
beetroot – 110g£0.44
carrots – 147g£0.09
raspberries – 365g£4.62
RUNNING 2023 TOTAL £204.79

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